Britoil Shareholders & Management Update

Britoil is pleased to announce changes in its Shareholders and Management and wishes to provide an update on the Company‘s direction.

After HICO Investment Group and the Pérez y Cía. Group entered Britoil as new shareholders, there has been a new momentum with sustained investment in people and in assets.
The Company has also embarked on a fleet rejuvenation and expansion program with the acquisition of modern and versatile marine assets complementing Britoil fleet of dedicated Anchor Handling Tugs. New investments and acquisition opportunities are being actively pursued.
Britoil, through its leading Management team and first-class assets, is well placed to take advantage of the increase in marine activity and is well-equipped to undertake complex offshore projects worldwide.
We are committed to continue bringing value to our wide portfolio of energy clients at sea, supported by Britoil’s track records and reputation in O&G offshore construction as well as its shareholders and management team experienced in Offshore Renewables, which will be a key focus area going forward

Britoil was founded in 1988 and operates the largest specialized AHT fleet globally, with over 35 years of experience specializing in anchor handling, towing and transportation of modules and structures. Today, Britoil operates 21 Anchor Handling Tugs and is adding modern and versatile vessels to its fleet.
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